• About To List Your House On The Market? Here’s a Pre-Sale Checklist That You Should Complete BEFORE You List Your Home On The MLS


    Many homeowners who consider listing their house are don’t realize that their home probably needs a few touchups beforehand. The truth is, most homeowners have trouble accepting this, because they are emotionally attached to their homes. However, it is important that you understand that no home is perfect, and that every home can use some TLC. Here are some things that you should consider working on before listing.stylish-living-room-design-in-Brilliant-Renovation-of-Gorgeous-Modern-house-with-black-vintage-carpet-and-brown-curtain-decorations

    Wood floors are a hot item today, but preferences over the years have changed. Some buyers may prefer original hardwood floors, but there are many popular choices today. The final movement away from hardwood happened when installing hardwood floors became too expensive. Plywood was easier to obtain and faster to install. Plus choices in carpeting were plenty. It’s still relatively inexpensive to install carpeting.

    If your home has hardwood floors, you’re in luck because that’s primarily the flooring material that buyers want these days; therefore, it 6a00e550bbaeb3883401bb0882e410970d-800wiwill definitely pay off to have the carpeting removed and the floors refinished. If your sub-floor is plywood, then replace the carpeting with light tan. Neutral carpeting is your best bet for resale.

    Replace chipped or cracked tiles. Clean or replace the grout. But don’t install ceramic (it’s too expensive) unless it’s for aesthetic reasons in an entry way.
    Buyers spend more time than you would think staring at ceilings. They are looking for signs of a leaky roof, but what you don’t want them to see are stains from grease or smoke and ceiling cracks. Ditto for walls. Nothing says freshness like new paint, and it’s the most cost effective improvement. Use fiberglass tape on large cracks, cover with joint compound and sand. Paint a neutral color such as light tan – think of coffee with cream.

    It’s not that all buyers hate wallpaper. They hate your wallpaper – because it’s your personal choice, not theirs. And they hate all dated wallpaper. Get rid of it. The easiest way is to steam it off by using an inexpensive wallpaper remover steamerDecoraRenoSlide1

    Even if your wood paneling is not real wood but composite, you can paint it. Dated paneling must go. Older wood paneling such as walnut, mahogany, cedar and pine, it’s all gone out of style. Paint it a neutral and soft color after priming it. Popcorn ceilings often are see in older homes, and may contain asbestos and cause health hazards. Time to remove it. It’s not expensive but it is time consuming to remove. Aside from b
    eing a safety concern, most buyers don’t want popcorn ceilings.

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    2 thoughts on “About To List Your House On The Market? Here’s a Pre-Sale Checklist That You Should Complete BEFORE You List Your Home On The MLS

    • Erin says:

      I really like the wallpaper we have in the guest bath, and master bedroom. I think it’s really nice..is it truly necessary to rip it off?

    • Laura King says:

      Hi Erin,

      Wallpaper is a very personal preference. While it is unfortunate to spend the time taking out the wallpaper, it is for the best. Depending on the size of the room, along with many other factors, you may be able to DIY this one. And, remember to put neutral paint, over bold colors!

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