• You’ve Got To Start Looking At Selling Your House For What It Is: A Business Transaction. How To Take Emotion Out Of The Equation

    All to often, sellers tend to get very emotional because they are leaving behind the old homes’ memories. This is completely normal. You’d not be human if you didn’t feel something when selling your house. While having deep emotions, and reminiscing about the house can cause a lot of trouble if you don’t keep your emotions in line. Usually families have a tougher time with this, as they’ve watched their children grow up in the home. And, if their children are old enough, they’re likely sad too and are constantly asking why you have to sell the house. As a seller, if you don’t take emotion out of the equation, you’ll end up listing your house for more than its actually worth, which will result in the home staying on the market.


    You’ve got to look at your home as strictly a business transaction, because at this point, that’s what it is. From the second you list your house, it becomes a business deal. You are no longer dealing with your family home. You’ve got to get that idea out of your head.

    Base your list price on th7-Practical-Ways-To-Improve-Your-Emotional-Intelligencee comps. Comps are data that show what your home is worth based on what the other homes are going for currently, and what they have gone for in the past few years. No matter how much your particular house is worth, some of the factors are going to include the neighborhood, and the other homes. This can’t be avoided. When a home is listed, the bulk of activity and inquiries are generally received within the first 2 weeks. If a home sits too long on the market, it will become stale, and nobody will want it anymore. Buyers will become few and far between. You don’t want to be this house. Here are ways that you can be sure to make your house sell faster (or giveCouple buying a house with a real estate agent it a chance to even sell at all).

    Be sure to give buyers room. They don’t want you loitering around while they are trying to get a feel for your house. While yes, the house is technically still yours, the buyer needs to feel like it could be their home. They don’t want to feel like a stranger hanging around some other persons home. It makes them very uncomfortable.

    Lastly, consider all offers that you receive. Don’t nix an offer because you think it is too low. Buyers always start with their lowest number. After all, if you were bidding on something, would you start with your max? No. Always counter an offer, never flat out decline. For further reading, see: 3 Ways to Emotionally Detach From Your Home When It’s Time.

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    2 thoughts on “You’ve Got To Start Looking At Selling Your House For What It Is: A Business Transaction. How To Take Emotion Out Of The Equation

    • Rachel says:

      I have an offer on my house that isn’t quite what I wanted. The offer is a little low in my opinion, but there hasn’t been much activity at all in the past three months. I love my home so much, and need to sell, I just hate to sell such a wonderful home at a price that is a little low for me.

    • Laura King says:

      Hi Rachel,

      Honestly, it depends on how badly you want to sell your home. I would trust your realtor on whether or not to accept the offer. However, please don’t base your decision on emotions. If your realtor thinks you should take a few thousand less, you likely might want to listen to her if your home hasn’t been selling. The important thing is to remove emotion out of the equation when reviewing offers. Good luck!

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