• If You Want To Sell Your House, You’ve Got To Decorate Appropriately. Here’s How You Can Make Buyers Imagine Themselves Living In Your Home, And Write You An Offer Fast

    The purpose of staging a home is to trick the buyer into thinking that the home is theirs. This means that all of your stuff needs to be gone, the theme should be neutral, and you should set up bonuses such as setting the dining room table, and adding fresh flowers. A buyer doesn’t want to walk into your house and see your things all over the house, and pictures of your family. While it might be a nuisance to get rid of all of these things before you even move, it is extremely necessary if you want to sell your house. It will be much harder to sell if you don’t do these things.


    You’ve got to get rid of the mess. You can’t have toys all over the house, laundry all over your bedroom, old magazines all over the coffee table and floor, and dog hair all over the sofa. It’s unacceptable, and it shows that you aren’t really serious about selling. See: Essential Home Staging Tips. After all, if you were serious, you’d take the few hours to spend time cleaning your home to make it presentable to a buyer. Besides, you’re going to have to clean and pack when you sell the house anyway, so it’s better to get as much of that done as you can right now anyway; it will make your life easier after the house does sell.

    All of the rooms are importanws2t, but the most important ones are the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. These are the most frequented rooms in the house, and you need to make them shine; whatever that means to you. Whether its adding new throw pillows, throwing out the old area rug and replacing it with a new clean one…the point is to make the home look presentable. Read: Home Staging: 5 Cheap Ideas.

    Remove all family photos, children’s drawings, dog bowls, and magnets off the fridge. Honestly, you can do most of the staging DIY, and there are many books and magazines you can flip through to teach yourself about staging the home. Don’t forget to clear out all of your drawers. You can bank on the buyer opening most if not all of your drawers; they wan55-Church-courtyard-blog-version1t to see how much space they’re going to have (or not have). Empty drawers, closets and cabinets make spaces look larger.

    Undoubtedly, the floors should be clean. There should be no food particles on the kitchen floor, no dust on the staircase(s), and no stains on the carpet. Also make sure that the air conditioning is set to a reasonable temperature. If it’s hot outside, you need to turn on the air well before the buyer comes. If it’s freezing outside, don’t set your thermostat to 64 degrees. A buyer won’t be able to focus on your house if they’re spending time thinking about how cold or hot they are. For further reading, see: Sell Your Home Fast: 21 Staging Tips.

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    2 thoughts on “If You Want To Sell Your House, You’ve Got To Decorate Appropriately. Here’s How You Can Make Buyers Imagine Themselves Living In Your Home, And Write You An Offer Fast

    • Emily says:

      I’ve always thought that a house looks nicer with dimmer lighting and the curtains closed a little more, as opposed to pulled all the way back?

    • Laura King says:

      Hi Emily,

      Many sellers feel this way. I almost agree with you, that when you have company over in the late afternoon it does appear very inviting with dimmer lighting. However, when someone is looking to purchase your home, one of the largest factors is size. They want to see how large it is. The best way to achieve this is draw the curtains far back and let as much natural light in as possible, because it makes rooms appear larger.

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